Semalt Expert – What Is Web Scraping?

Web scraping, also known as web harvesting and data extraction, is the practice of extracting information from different websites. The web scraping software or tools access the World Wide Web using a Hypertext Transfer Protocol. They navigate through different pages, collect useful data, scrape it, and import the data to spreadsheets for later analysis or retrieval.

All websites have a large number of pages. The web pages are generated from an underlying structured source, and their information is usually encoded in the HTML scripts. A web scraper can identify, extract, and translate information easily. Some semi-structured data query languages (like HTML, XQuery, and HTQL) are used to parse HTML pages and to retrieve and transform web content.

Content Grabber – A reliable web scraping software:

Web pages are built using different programming languages (HTML and XHTML) and contain a wealth of useful data in image and text forms. It is not possible for us to scrape dynamic and sophisticated websites with an ordinary tool. Unlike ParseHub and Octoparse, Content Grabber is capable of recognizing different data patterns. This tool navigates through various sites and makes it easy for you to scrape data.

1. Scalable and Reliable:

One of the most distinctive features of Content Grabber is that it ensures the provision of reliable and scalable data. It mainly navigates through web documents, HTML pages, and PDF files and scrapes data as per your requirements. This tool focuses on scalability and fixes all the minor errors in your data.

2. Keyword-based information:

Content Grabber ensures the provision of readable data and does not disturb the position of your keywords. If you want to target a few short-tail and long-tail keywords, you can highlight those keywords and allow Content Grabber to perform its task. This tool will scrape data carefully and will not edit or change your keywords. Instead, it repositions your target keywords and gives an appealing and engaging look to your web content.

3. Extract data at a good speed:

If you want to extract data from simple and dynamic websites and have a lot of projects, Content Grabber will work at a fast speed and will get you accurate and authentic results. This tool is capable of scraping up to 100 web pages in a second and can perform multiple data extraction tasks at a time. Content Grabber is suitable for both professionals and non-professionals and doesn't require you to possess programming or coding skills.

4. Build various web scraping agents:

One of the best features of Content Grabber is that it helps build different web scraping agents. With its comprehensive and useful options, you can build as many agents as you want and can manage all of them simultaneously. You can also view the status and logs of your agents and Content Grabber will not let you down. It will schedule your data scraping tasks and will save your time and energy to an extent. Moreover, you can easily sell or give away the self-contained agents, or add promotional messages to improve your site's rankings.

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